The most reliable tire inspection solution on the market for your business

* Developed in partnership by ProovStation and Michelin.
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The solution

Report example

Vehicle plate number
• Photos of the tires
Millimetric measurement of each tire (remaining tread information available both in mm and %)
Metrics (remaining tread, tire switchover, alignment)
Michelin recommendation for tire maintenance

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A solution for all automotive professionals

Car dealers
Car centers
Tire specialists
Fleet managers

Why choose

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The technology

Solution based on Michelin QuickScan magnetic technology.

Outdoor / Indoor

Easy to operate outdoor (optional) and indoor solution.

No cleaning required

Precise regardless of the dirtiness of the tires or the scanning device.

All types of tires

Effective regardless of the tread pattern complexity.

Competitive advantages

Our product
optical solutions
Exterior installation
Measurement reliability for both winter tires and sipe patterns
Measurement reliability regardless of the tire dirtiness
Measurement reliability regardless of the scanner dirtiness
Fast and easy installation
Robust system

Frequently asked questions 

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What distinguishes the QuickScan technology, with which TireStation works, from other technologies on the market?

Michelin QuickScan technology works by magnetic measurement whereas most other solutions on the market rely on optical technologies (laser or light).

The great advantage of magnetic measurement is that it is not disturbed by any material that could get in the way between the sensor and the tyre. The measurement remains reliable even if the sensors or the tyres are wet, muddy or if foreign bodies are stuck in the tyre groove

- In practice, this means

- Cleaning reduced to a strict minimum
- The possibility of installing the station outdoors
- A high degree of consistency in the reliability of the measurements

What types of vehicles and tires can be scanned by Tirestation?

All passenger and commercial vehicles (<3.5t) as well as all types of tyres (summer, winter, all season and 4x4 profiles).

Who is TireStation for? 

TireStation is a solution for all professionals in the automotive sector who want, in the field of tyres and related services:

- develop their sales
- improve their operational efficiency and customer service quality.

What does the support consist of (installation, training, etc.) for the on-site installation of Proovstation?

The installation of the station requires half a day's work, and the on-site delivered training of the team about 2 hours.

Specific needs can be taken into account, such as training on the technique and selling skills of tyres, geometry adjustment etc.

How much time does TireStation save compared to a manual inspection?

From the time the vehicle drives through the station to the time it is printed, the diagnostic report can be shared with your customer in less than 1.5 minutes.

It also depends on your printer! In other words, TireStation's automated inspection is 5 times faster than a manual inspection.

How can the TireStation software be integrated with the system used at the point of sale (dealer or workshop management system)?

An API is available to facilitate such integration. It takes to your IT about 3 days to perform local developments.

Is there a dashboard-like functionality in TireStation to monitor the activity of the station?

The creation of an automated dashboard is planned for 2023. Until then, in early 2023, indicators will be made available on a monthly basis. (number of inspections, rate of vehicles requiring intervention, etc.).